Portland Solar Powered Pool Roller

Portland-Solar-Powered-Pool-Roller-InstalledPhotovoltaic solar cell technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with more and more efficient solar collectors being manufactured at more cost-effective prices. This cutting edge technology has allowed us to develop the Portland Solar Powered Pool Roller, an electrically operated cover reel powered by a battery charged by its own integral solar cell, which allows you to automatically and effortlessly roll the cover on and off your pool at the flick of a switch. As well as being functional, the roller is also compact and stylish. Safety is also extremely high on the agenda, being powered by a low voltage motor; and with no direct mains connection required, saving on installation costs.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install with integral ground fixings
  • Manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel for ultimate corrosion protection
  • Large and efficient solar collector for optimum performance. It doesn’t need to be a sunny day to operate, it still collects solar energy even when it is overcast
  • Powered by a high-efficiency German manufactured 12V low-voltage electric motor for safety and performance
  • Multi position for optimum solar gain
  • Available in two sizes for pools up to 15′ (4.5m) wide, and 21′ (6.4m) wide
  • Simple operation by 3-way switch
  • Options: battery charger and remote control
  • The roller can also be installed on indoor pools as the solar collector module can be sited remotely from the reel system
  • ZERO running costs, being powered by FREE energy from the Sun!